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Finding temporary work isn't always easy, especially when you're looking for a job that fits your needs. With our unique approach, we make sure you quickly find a job in the Netherlands that suits you best. With Flexcraft, you'll be working in no time!

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Flexcraft is a top 20 player in the flexible employement industry, with 13,000 workers going to work every day. Flexcraft connects freelancers, temporary workers, and vocational students with employers. Are you interested in joining a leading company or finding your next job? Explore our sectors!

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The Power of Working Together

At Flexcraft, we believe in the amazing power of people coming from different places to work. Our workers from other countries are an important part of our team and our community. By understanding each other and working together, we create a friendly and productive place. Working together with people from different countries helps make a better future for everyone.

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Flexcraft Website Verloop 01
Flexcraft Website Verloop 01
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Benefits of Working with Flexcraft

  • No stress about planning; we help you and make things easy.

  • Work in different fields with coordinators who are true experts.

  • Your Flexcraft contact advisor is a specialist who always goes the extra mile.

  • We give special help for every unique situation.

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The latest news

How does the payment process work at Flexcraft Construction, Technology & Industry?

At Flexcraft Construction, Technology, and Industry, you get paid every week for free based on the hours you worked!

What are the requirements to work through Flexcraft Construction, Technology & Industry

The specific needs might change depending on the job, but usually having experience, the right certificates, and being a good worker are important.

What is the average duration of a project for which Flexcraft Uitzendbureau is looking for employees?

What is the average duration of a project for which Flexcraft Uitzendbureau is looking for employees?

Does Flexcraft Uitzendbureau also offer opportunities for growth in this sector?
Yes, Flexcraft Employment Agency encourages personal and professional growth. Depending on your ambitions and capabilities, there are opportunities for higher positions within this sector.
Can I go live with my friend?

Sure, if you both work for Flexcraft, you can. They’ll set you up with shared housing when you arrive for the job.

Can we work together?

People traveling together get the same place to stay and the same job. But sometimes, if you want to travel together, you might like different jobs. We try our best to meet your needs, so in that case, we can give you different jobs while keeping you in the same place to stay.

Will Flexcraft charge me money to find a job?

No, when you come to work at Flexcraft, you don't have to pay anyone like the recruiting agency or coordinator. If anyone asks you for money, don't give it and tell us right away by sending an email to or say it during registration.